In 2015, all teams were given an optional challenge to learn a twenty second dance routine from the 1970s iconic movie “Night Fever”. This challenge wasn’t compulsory and teams that accepted it won an express pass that could be used on the day. The number of teams that accepted the challenge was measured in the thousands.

One of these teams was 34-year-old George Massingham from Napier, racing side-by-side with his 9-year-old son Henry. Watching from the sidelines was mother and wife Sarah who struck up a conversation with series creator, Shane Hooks. 

Sarah commented on how much she enjoyed watching her husband race with her son and then with great pride lamented “you know, my husband has danced more times in the last week with his son than he has with me in our 14 years of marriage.” 

Months later, confirming this story on our Facebook page she continued “Yes definitely, love the ideas you come up with and I was that lady whose husband danced more when practicing for the XRACE than he has the entire time I've known him. And still now when the boys hear the song, they break out into their routine. Hilarious. I love the idea of practicing a new skill before hand and being tested on the day. Can't wait for this year."

This is what we sell - truly memorable moment in the life of a 9-year-old boy and a 34-year-old dad -  the week they became John Travolta's. This is family quality time right off the top-shelf.

We don’t sell a race, we are simply the catalyst for creating lifelong, magical moments for families.