De eerste XRACE editie is in 2013 georganiseerd aan precies de andere kant van de wereld namelijk: Nieuw-Zeeland. Inmiddels is het daar niet meer weg te denken. Meer dan 20.000 families genoten van een onvergetelijke XRACE beleving. Vele families komen jaarlijks terug om deel te nemen aan XRACE, zie bijvoorbeeld de foto's hieronder waarop families staan met allemaal een XRACE shirt van een ander jaar.

Wat XRACE zo bijzonder maakt is dat het een familierace is waarbij volwassenen en kinderen samenwerken om tien avontuurlijke opdrachten te voltooien. Na zeer succesvolle jaren in Nieuw-Zeeland  is XRACE vorig jaar voor het eerst in Australië georganiseerd. Het internationale team van XRACE zal dit jaar de eerste edities organiseren in Nederland, Engeland en Canada. 

Lees hieronder de ervaringen van andere deelnemers:

"My daughter is now a bit more confident than she was before, she seems to be more open with us (parents) she seems happy within herself. That's all I could really ask for, just becoming a much more confident person and happier within her self - which is rubbing off on the rest of the family close & extended.” (contestant XRACE, 2014)

“Whoever came up with this idea of an awesome event like this is a damn genius!!! As we live in such a busy lifestyle this day and age we need more events like this to bring our families together and this is a perfect event for that... The best family bonding experience event ever!! :)”. (contestant XRACE, 2015)

“We had never participated prior as I have very bad knees and I am not supposed to run or jump or do anything other than walk. But a friend did it last year and convinced me I could still do it. Both my boys wanted to partner with their dad, but the youngest finally offered to be my partner. We jogged the entire way and he kept telling me to take it easy, he even helped me up the wee step from the beach. My heart broke a little as I watch my husband and oldest son run far into the distance, but eventually we caught them (through our awesome team work) and crossed the line first by a few seconds. Now both boys are fighting over wanting me as a partner for next year. It was a great day for our family!”

"Our 6-year-old daughter is used to winning. This race presented problems to her that were difficult and as such she was very frustrated. Mummy was not very strong in the tug of war and as such we were left behind our friends. She felt pressure to tie a tie quickly and failed at the checkpoint when the tie had a knot in it. She got covered in mud and saw others racing ahead. She was unable to bounce the Chinese haki sack (and felt like she let the others down). She cried and cried and felt disheartened that she had failed. It was great to explain to her that we can't always be the best at everything and that we were working as a team.

She doesn't fully understand this and wants to race with daddy next year. Despite this, I feel it has taught her some valuable lessons and has definitely opened up the conversations in our house around giving things our best shot." (contestant XRACE, 2016)